A brief history of the baseball cap.

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The baseball cap is undoubtedly the most popular headgear on the market today. In the United States alone, the home of baseball caps, approximately 400 million units are sold each year, accounting for more than 80% of the caps and hats market sales. Everyone loves it, from athletes who appreciate its practical qualities, fans who want to show support for their favorite team, to celebrities trying to remain anonymous and hide from photographers. The popular baseball cap has long been not just an ordinary piece of clothing. It has become a kind of board thanks to which we can not only advertise our company, but also express our views and values. Have you ever wondered how a baseball cap made its way from the field to the streets of the world?

Baseball as a sport originated in the 18th century. On the pitch, players used various types of headgear to shield their eyes from the sun. The straw hat with a brim was especially popular at that time. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors amateur team was the first to use a round-brimmed cap with a button on top during a game - the ancestor of today's baseball cap. This model gained more popularity at the beginning of the next century. Over the years, the form of the cap has evolved, approaching the currently known shape. In 1890, vent holes appeared, and in 1901, the Detroit Tigers team was the first to put its logo on a cap. The baseball cap took its final form in the 1950s and has grown in popularity ever since. It was popularized by sports fans, who took it outside the stadiums, as well as agricultural companies, which quickly discovered its advertising potential. The baseball cap began to appear in cult films, politicians wore it, music stars liked it, especially hip-hop, which popularized this accessory among young people. Currently, it is offered by almost every clothing company, from cheap chain stores, through sports brands, to designer brands that offer luxury versions of baseball caps as a complement to their collections. This incredible accessibility and timelessness gave the baseball cap an important place in the history of fashion and pop culture.


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